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news - updated 04.19.2020

New zoom link. Password: compprog

The COVID-19 pandemic brings hardship to some places and activities. We are fortunate in that while the virus poses unique challenges to MUHS, it is not tragic. I am confident that our class will fare well during these trying times. We will continue class instruction as usual, though through a different medium. We will continue with exercises as usual.

The change in the course medium brings some interesting opportunities. Specifically, we will all be working and collaborating remotely. Many modern technical jobs support this practice, and some are structured this way. As connectivity augments, these kinds of jobs will likely become more culturally prominent. This situation gives us some initial exposure to this way of working.

We will work remotely through a few different structs. This website, as before, will be the primary space for managing and disseminating course content. I will post resources (examples, notes, etc.) more frequently under the course documents page. I will continue updating this Google Doc with sketches of my plans for each day of class. We will hold meetings most days at 10:10 AM using the Zoom meeting software. Our class meeting ID is 997-7558-2531. The password is compprog. You should sign up for Zoom with your MUHS Google account. I will hold office hours via this Google Meet space on from 1:40 - 2:40 PM Tuesday-Friday, and 8:00 - 8:55 AM on Mondays.

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