date lecture topics web print
01.06.20 lecture_0 intro to class HTML PDF
01.08.20 lecture_1 intro to computers, programming, and Java HTML PDF
01.14.20 lecture_2_1 elementary programming: variables HTML PDF
01.21.20 lecture_2_2 software development process HTML PDF
03.18.20 Exercise 5.104 Exercise walkthrough YouTube
03.18.20 Loop concepts Break and continue statements YouTube
03.18.20 Loop concepts For loops YouTube
03.23.20 Loop concepts Nested loops YouTube
04.21.20 lecture_6 Method abstraction and stepwise refinement Google Slides PDF
04.23.20 Arrays Basic concepts, deck of cards example YouTube
04.29.20 Arrays Better example of shuffling cards YouTube
04.30.20 Global variables Simple game example YouTube