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01.06.20 syllabus PDF
01.06.20 programming style guide HTML PDF
01.06.20 course schedule Google Doc
02.10.20 Relational operators (equality, greater than, etc.) Lecture_3_1 screenshot
02.10.20 If/else example Lecture_3_2 screenshot
02.10.20 Longer if/else example Lecture_3_4 screenshot
02.10.20 Switch statement example Lecture_3_6 screenshot
02.10.20 Logical operators example Lecture_3_5 screenshot
02.10.20 Ch. 4 notes HTML
03.02.20 Exercise 4.11 Screenshot
03.02.20 Exercise 4.12 Screenshot
03.15.20 while loop examples Lecture_5_1 screenshot
03.15.20 while loop example - variable number of elements Lecture_5_2 screenshot
03.15.20 do-while loop example Lecture_5_3 screenshot
03.15.20 for loop example Lecture_5_4 screenshot
03.24.20 nested for loop example Lecture_5_5 screenshot
03.24.20 break and continue examples Lecture_5_6 screenshot
03.30.20 basic valued methods Lecture_6_1 screenshot
03.30.20 basic void method Lecture_6_2 screenshot
03.30.20 using the return value of methods Lecture_6_3 screenshot
03.30.20 using void and valued methods to the same end Lecture_6_4 screenshot
03.30.20 example of variable scope Lecture_6_5 screenshot
03.30.20 example of variable scope Lecture_6_6 screenshot