My name is Matt Gottsacker. I am a Computer Science PhD student at the University of Central Florida. I do research in the SREAL Lab advised by Prof. Greg Welch. We research how humans interact with augmented, mixed, and virtual reality technologies. My particular interests lie in understanding how these technologies can interact with the traditional boundaries with which we frame physical reality rather than merely mimicking them. More concretely, I have tested different methods of representing a non-VR person into a VR user's virtual environment during an interruption. I am also examining this interaction from the non-VR person's perspective. You can read more about that and some of my other work on the projects page.

For a deeper dive into my approach to research and some of the things I'm thinking about or working on, click on interests.

Recently, I taught a Computer Programming course at Marquette University High School as part of the Alumni Service Corps. Before that, I studied CS at Saint Louis University and minored in English with a concentration on Rhetoric, Writing, and Technology. If you're interested in how those (and other) experiences have shaped me, head to my bio section.

Feel free to drop me a note if you're looking to collaborate or talk.


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e-mail me at matt [dot] gottsacker [at] gmail [dot] com. Feedback and collaboration ideas are welcome.

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